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  1. kiswum

    NL vertaling toepassen op ruim 30 punten

    @Cueie @redmaner Graag de vertalingen uit de onderstaande screenshots aanpassen. De schermafdrukken komen van de Mi 9 SE i.c.m. build: 9.4.25 Ik heb eventueel een filmpje die ik met jullie kan delen waarbij ik door alle instellingen ga.
  2. kiswum

    9.4.1 batterijgebruik

    Het is nog niet aangepast
  3. kiswum


    This rom works good on the Mi 9 SE. I've noticed delays when shooting pictures with the original app on the former release, but I hope it is fixed in this release.
  4. kiswum


    It's enabled. 4K is only available at 30fps.
  5. kiswum


    Thanks, so far so good for me on a Mi 9 SE. The Dutch language in this rom is still crappy, but I hope that @redmaner and partners, are able to add the Mi 9 languages to this rom. I've used this TWRP, which you can easily set from Chinese to English.
  6. kiswum

    TWRP - unofficial

    Nope, you don't need to pay for it. You're either lucky or have gathered enough credits. Now I'm searching for a working TWRP, I'll try this link right now: Link doesn't work for Mi 9 SE. It just starts the original Mi-Recovery 3.0 bootloader.
  7. kiswum


    The TWRP is removed and I have the same issue. So wait a moment, before you install another recovery for your Mi9.
  8. kiswum

    MIUI 9.1 7.11.16

    I've got more information: When I recreate my fingerprints it doesn't remember that it wasn't created for my second storage, but uses it for the first storage after a reboot. There is no error and I don't know where my phone saves the error messages after a reboot. This is on a Mi6 with...
  9. kiswum

    Mail App Crasht Regelmatig

    It works again. It was fixed by the translators in the same week I addressed the issue. I'm not sure if the translators take a look at these topics.
  10. kiswum

    MIUI 9.1 7.11.16

    Are there new problems with second space? With this latest version, I can't use my fingerprints which were reserved for second space on my Mi6. Languages tested: EN-uk and NL-nl. This morning it worked with last weeks rom. Please verify and let me know if you checked it. Thanks.
  11. kiswum

    MIUI 9 7.9.21/22

    Yep see first post, two weeks no official updates. Verstuurd vanaf mijn S41 met Tapatalk
  12. kiswum

    MIUI 9 7.9.21/22

    No reply from the staff yet, someone please get back to me on this issue...
  13. kiswum

    MIUI 9 7.9.21/22

    Strange, because it's the same rom as 2 days ago when you reported your issues. Perhaps the reboot fixed the issue. Verstuurd vanaf mijn MI 6 met Tapatalk
  14. kiswum

    MIUI 9 7.9.21/22

    Issue with this rom: Still the same problem on Mi6 rom The phone has been completly wiped a month ago. - When you switch from Second Space to First Space, Bluetooth connection will be turned off most of the times even when you have turned it on on both spaces. When you switch within a few...
  15. kiswum

    MIUI 9 7.9.14/15

    All permissions, except location, if you don't need it. Sent from my MI 6 using Tapatalk
  16. kiswum

    Mail App Crasht Regelmatig

    In de onderstaande reactie heb ik alles al beschreven: Hier nog de punten waar het om gaat (p.s. ik heb dit probleem sinds de eerste release van Miui9 en heb elke week geupdated.): Telefoon: Mi6 7.9.14 rom Laatste full...
  17. kiswum

    MIUI 9 7.9.14/15

    Yes, I have. It is also mentioned in the post. @KcNirvana, I've tried it again after a reboot and than the mail problem is gone. That part is a translation issue. I'm able to read all the e-mails and open them from my lockscreen and pull-down menu. I'm testing the other stuff throughout the day.
  18. kiswum

    MIUI 9 7.9.14/15

    STILL NO FIX FOR THESE ISSUES!! I'm reporting this as least for the 5th time now. After the first release of Miui 9 I still encouter many bugs which haven't been solved yet after submitting my issue many times already. I've reinstalled my phone 3 weeks ago: Full Reset and wiped everything...
  19. kiswum

    MIUI 9 7.9.7/8

    After the first release of Miui 9 I still encouter many bugs which haven't been solved yet after submitting my issue many times already. I've reinstalled my phone 2 weeks ago: Full Reset and wiped everything. Issues with Second Space have been partly solved. When you switch from Miui 8 to Miui...
  20. kiswum

    MIUI 9 7.8.17

    Bugs in this release for Mi6 (and also in previous release): Second space takes ages to show up for the first time. Especially when you access it after boot and you start with opening Second Space. Second Space has no rights, which results in FC's for every app, which is also on the First...