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    Does Xiaomi Have Spyware In Their Phones?

    So i'm at work in the UK. The guy who manages our network just came over and asked me why there was a xiaomi phone on the companies wifi network sending IMEI number and packets of encrypted data to chinese servers??! I sold a girl at work a mi4i which i bought form the official singapore xiaomi...
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    Please Can Someone Help Me Upgrade Mi Note From 4.4 To Marshamallow?

    Hello, I am having a bit of a nightmare here. I want to upgrade from Kitkatt based 5.12.11 weekly rom to marshmallow 6.0 rom on my regular Mi note. I understand that to upgrade you need to... Install: 5.12.17 Install: TWRP Install: Android 6 rom This is fine but I have no idea of the...
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    How Can I Update Mi Note To Version: V7.1.2.0.kxemick?

    Hey guys I havn't been on this forum in a while because iv'e been using my one plus one... I would like to update my minote to the new marshmallow based global stable rom though, I am currently running 5.12.11 beta rom. What is the process for doing this nowadays? I cant recall it...
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    Laggy Miui V6 In Gallery And Scroll Delays....

    Does anyone else experience this kind of laggyness in the gallery up and scrolling in apps on mi note. Its almost like the screen takes longer to react to touch than other phones i've used, find it well annoying.....heres a video...
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    Can Anyone Help Me With Some Redmi 2 (enhanced) Questions?

    Hello there, A friend recently purchase a Redmi 2 Enhanced 16GB version I believe it is the china mobile version with FDD-LTE B3/B7. Questions: The rom it shipped with I believe is miui version 5.5.22. Will the Rom from this site labelled work with this model...
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    Miui Multistasking Question

    Just a quick question, is the card style multi tasking view only available on Mipad or is it available on xiaomi phones running MIUI V6 too? Can you switch between card view and icon view? Thanks
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    New MiPad V6.1.1.0 Stable rom

    Hi Guys I saw on they have just released: Xiaomi Mi Pad MIUI 6 Stable Version V6.1.1.0.KXFCNBJ My questions are: Is this a global rom with playstore installed? How does this differ from the latest 4.11.7 rom? Can V6.1.1.0 be flashed over the 4.11.7 rom without a...
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    Incompatible Apps!

    So im in the UK and have found that some apps are incompatible or just do not work on Mipad. 4OD - App installs but can't stream any content Tinder - Not even found in the the play store, if you manually visit page say 'incompatible' Archos Video Player - Crashes on startup Does anyone know if...
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    Is there a way to unroot the mipad?

    Does anyone know how to unroot a mipad running a rom? Will it affect anything if you do? Thanks
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    What Rom Should I Run?

    So we have basically established that MIUI on the Redmi 1s is basically a buggy piece of sh*t. But I bought one for a friend who is getting app crashes and crazy high ram usage on her phone now running the latest v41 Rom. Is there an earlier version of MIUI I can flash that will actually work...
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    MIUI 6 OTA Support?

    So my mums miPad arrived yesterday. I tried to run the OTA update but it was ridiculously slow to download the rom so I gave up, the tablets wifi data connection seemed quite slow too and you tube playback was stuttering. Anyway I Flashed the 4.8.22 rom through recovery and its...
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    Can anyone confirm OTA updates?

    So I have a mipad and a redmi 1s on the way. They are however not for me but for my mum and a friend who aren't particularly tech savy. My idea was to just flash the latest rom on both before I give them to them and then they can just use the OTA updates. Can anyone confirm that both...
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    Why does Xiaomi not really support their own hardware properly?

    While xiaomi are supposed to be known for good software support when it comes to updating their own phones to the latest version of android it seems they are some of the worst in the industry. If you own any redmi device you will receive updates every 2 or 3 monthes and none of them are on...
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    Battery Drain?

    What are people getting on battery. The redmi i bought for my friend seems to drian quite quick, dropping 1 percent on standby every 30 minutes. :-( Running rom 24
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    Redmi 1s ROM identification help

    Hi there, Bought a couple of redmi 1s' one for a friend and one i might keep or sell, not sure yet. Phone seems to come with a multi language rom and google play installed. I suspect this may not be the standard chinese rom that has OTA updates. I want top be able to get OTA updates, so is...
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    Redmi 1s Or Xiaomi Mi2A

    Hi guys.... Just wanted to ask your opinion. I'm advising someone on a phone. I recommended Redmi 1s initially, but for only $30/$40 more i've seen a store selling the Mi2A. Now I know the Redmi is a newer model but the Mi2A does have a better GPU namely the adreno 320. But it is only a dual...
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    M1 Battery Running down fast and turning off, please help!

    So ive been trying to get my original Xiaomi m1 up and running again so my mum can use it. It seems to work however the battery is running down really fast and it also sometimes shuts down randomly. Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks
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    Is the Tv on/off animation going to return to miui?

    I'm using V5 on my Mi One and noticed the Tv on/off animation isn't there, is this just an m1 thing or this all xiaomi roms do not include it?
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    New Mi One Bugs

    1. The 'emergency call' and 'forgot password' writing on the lockscreen is too big and goes off the side of the buttons and looks a mess 2. In contacts when you scroll down your list and the big letters appears like 'A' 'B' 'C' etc, the letters are not properly centered in the circle, they are...
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    Resolved T-Mobile/Orange UK On MiOne should be EE

    I am using Mi One on T-Mob/Orange in the UK. I recently received a text saying that the two networks in 'Mobile Networks' should have become merged into one and now simply appear as EE (Everything Everywhere). This has not happened I still have the choice of both T-Mob and Orange. Any hope of...