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    Mi-One Battery

    Strange. I am on the Chinese ROM currently (going to China soon so seemed appropriate) and as I said I haven't experienced this. I am picking up a spare battery I bought from Xiaomi while I am there so check to see if it makes any difference
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    Mi-One Battery

    I've never experienced that problem. What running services have you got?
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    Xiaomi M1 Mi-ONE Youth Android Phone

    So have you received a test example yet?
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    Xiaomi M1 Mi-ONE Youth Android Phone

    Good Spot! It will be selling for 1499 Renmimbi (Yuan) in China - about 235 US dollars, 150 pounds or 20000000000000 Euros ;-)
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    Excuse me, someone use millet cell phone? I need help. Thank you

    I have one but I got it in China from the Xiaomi site. Most people outside of China have bought the MiOne through resellers. There is a discussion over on the MiOne forum about this.
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    My M1 is so hot !!!

    I can confirm it was getting hot under the last version. The problem seems to have gone with 2.5.11. Power drain in general seems much better under 2.5.11 although I don't have any hard measurements for this.
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    Newbie user questions

    MIUI V4 - the dev version is on ICS. The ICS beta predates MIUI v4. It was their first stab at porting ICS to the MIOne. This excercise I believe identified to the need to repartition the MIOne and update MiRecovery to 2.0. Shortly after that they started releasing the weekly Dev versions of...
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    [FIXED] MI-ONE to Windows 7 Bluetooth tethering problem

    Just glad you got it working. I'll let you sort out the Acer :)
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    In Progress Lost of Network Service after Calls 2.4.6

    Mark, I am on Three (UK). When I registered it to roam on the Orange/Tmob networks I experienced the same problem described by others. When I cleared the settings (by deliberately trying to manually register on 02) and reregistered on Three everything cleared up. So Orange might be the culprit.
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    Android market and flash player?

    The only way to physically distinguish a CDMA phone is if it is 1) Silver - only this version has this colour although there are black ones too 2) It has a China Telecom branding - this only applies if it was sourced from China telecom and not the Xiaomi website. CDMA MIUI will work on and...
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    [FIXED] MI-ONE to Windows 7 Bluetooth tethering problem

    Well at least you are narrowing it down :confused:
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    MIUI ROM 2.3.9 Release [ENGLISH] [] [Tether / Acore Fixed]

    You still stuck? If you need MiFlash you can find it here The guidance is here: It is in chinese so you will need google translate. 'Brush' means update. 'Millet' means Xiaomi
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    ICS Problems, Please Help.

    @Mark. Think we could do with a sticky on the ICS repartitoning. Its catching a lot of us out.
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    [FIXED] MI-ONE to Windows 7 Bluetooth tethering problem

    Yes, I can't think of anything obvious. It should work, and does work in my case but that doesn't help you any. Perhaps wait until the next update and do a full data wipe but I am clutching at straws here :confused:
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    [FIXED] MI-ONE to Windows 7 Bluetooth tethering problem

    The icon appears once you hit the connect in Windows. IPv6 is a bit of a long shot. Just that if your mobile company uses IPv4 and your ISP uses Ipv6 then DHCP might not work. It is unlikely to be this though as IPv6 is pretty rare at the moment. Try accessing with both...
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    [FIXED] MI-ONE to Windows 7 Bluetooth tethering problem

    I'm struggling to know what is happening in your case. Are you using IPv6 at all? This is what the status bar looks like:
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    [FIXED] MI-ONE to Windows 7 Bluetooth tethering problem

    Ok - I share your comments about the latest ROM BTW. Nice one Mark. Right, I followed your instructions to the letter (good description!). I got the three failed drivers like you BUT my connection worked. So we can rule out the drivers being the issue. What I got was the tether icon in the...
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    64Gb MicroSDXC Memory Card

    Infinitely is right. I have a 32GB MicroSD card in my MIONE. My guess is a MicroSDXC may fit but at best you would have to reformat it as a MicroSD 32bit - thus losing the benefit. At worst it might not work at all. Happy to be corrected on this though
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    2.3.30 how to turn off sms vibration?

    UPDATE: Try this instead Settings> Language and Input On 'Android Keyboard' quick press to the far right (the equaliser bit). This should bring up the 'Android keyboard settings' dialogue.Then uncheck the 'Vibrate on Keypress' option. It worked for me.
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    2.3.30 how to turn off sms vibration?

    You are right - just tried it and sms seems to overide that setting when you use the Android keyboard. However, when you use the Google Pinyin keyboard it works correctly. Now I'm confused. Raise it as a bug I guess.