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    searching for a broken or bricked mix 3 or cheap used one (under 150 dollar)

    i had a nice mi mix 3 in black, until it fall down around a month ago, now use the poco f2 pro. my ceramic back, the front camera glass and the display were cracked, therefore new repair parts would be more expensive than the phone ever was. anybody here as a black mix 3 with a broken board...
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    I'm having problems with Xposed. Riru installs without a hassle, but as soon as I try to install Yahfa or Sandhook package, I will stuck on MIUI screen. Is there any workaround? I'm running weekly 20.8.7
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    It is possible to modify /system (android 10)

    Hey guys, after I was searching for such a solution, for a longer time, here the answer: We can modify /system without issues under Android 10: Just use latest TWRP (recovery-TWRP-3.4.2B-1206.img by LR team) than I used: root with latest magisk 21.1...
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    next problem /data decrytion not works

    After I got it all running now, when I set now a password and fingerprint and go back to TWRP, he tells me, I use the wrong passcode. when trying to format get Error 255 unable to wipe data removing the passcode lets me enter twrp without facing the problem, but i would really appriciate if...
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    Updater process ended with Error 7?

    I get this after coming from global. unlocked today installed twrp 3.4.1B-0328 formated data flashed xiaomi.eu_multi_HMK30Pro_20.7.9_v12-10 got a boot loop into fastboot formated data another time tried xiaomi.eu_multi_HMK30Pro_V12.1.2.0.RJKCNXM_v12-11 and got this error: assert failed...
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    Modify /system?

    Hi guys, Long time I was with my Mix3 on android 9 for that reason, but finally it fell badly and cracked (camera and screen). Now use the Poco F2. So is there any option for kernel to make /system rw (i would stick to Android 10 for the moment I think)? I heard under linage it works? Magisk...
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    Switch TWRP

    I saw twrp is out for mix 3, i'm currently using 3.2.3-1204 by wzsx150. Can i flash the newer one, without formatting? i read somewhere, that you might get a decryption problem when flashing a newer version
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    Mix 3 no signal after TWRP restore

    Dear All, I had to switch from my old to a new Mix 3. They have both same specs SD845 6GB/128GB and both are ModelM1810E5A I made a full backup of my old phone with twrp and also of internal storage. Copied all to the new phone, restored per TWRP and booted up. So far so fina, its the same...
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    Root And Twrp Stable??

    hey guys, I've got the Mix 2s for some time now (a month..) and after waiting such a long time for the global rom, i really wanted to setup my phone as i usually do (root and twrp). But with all version of either Magisk or SuperSU, i had no luck so far. MAgisk will not even boot, even I used...