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    [Magisk Module] Widevine L1 FIX on CUSTOM ROMS MIUI [MI 9T/K20]

    Hello guys, After two days of hard working we can finally give to our community a working fix for Widevine L1 certification on roms. All the credits go to Mauronofrio and PIPIG23366. We still don't know if it works on K20 as well, you should test it to confirm (and plese let us know...
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    Info about ARB and EU

    Hello, I'd like to make a question to the devs. If I would install the latest eu stable and go back to MIUI Global (if I need), could I do it without bricking the device? Thanks for the info
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    [DRM] Widevine L1 on Mi 9T

    Hello, everyone. Could you please tell us which eu rom does have the support for Widevine L1 certification on Mi 9T, please? You can check it through the app "DRM Info" Thanks in advance.
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    [PETITION] Camera2api in MIUI 10 for Mi Note 3

    Guys, join the petition on the official MIUI forum. Here's the link, we want our Camera2 API back on our Mi Note 3!!
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    Video Stuttering In Google Photo

    Hi guys, I'm writing here because I have a very strange issue: I'm on stable and just yesterday I noticed that when I play EVERY video stored in my Google Photos it's practically unwatchable because it stutters a lot missing a lot of frames during the playback. Is someone other...