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    New SGS2 - 2.5.11 - input language & changing network type

    Hi. 1. I've notice when I use Croatian (Hrvatski) or Slovenian (Slovenščina) input language for writing sms, letter "Z" isn't working as it should. When I press "Z" I get "Y", when I press "Y" I get "Z". 2. If DATA is on, I can't change network type from 2G to 3G (or to prefered 3G)...
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    New SGS2 2.5.11 - unfortunately, the process has stopped

    Hi. I have huge problem :-/ I had version 2.4.20 before and suddenly (today) my phone kept rebooting on and on, couldn't stop it. So I thought I would solve this problem if I download 2.5.11 version. I did that, copy to SD (over card reader, cause I couldn't do it over phone), I've cleared...
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    latest rom?

    A bit dumb question.. is latest rom 2.4.13 or 2.4.6 (which means it should be written as 2.4.06, right) ?
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    New MIUI phone interface and functionality (requires data wipe)

    Hi. Is it possible to view how this interface looks like (screens or something). Is it really necessary to wipe all data to use this?
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    Resolved SGS2 - can't update system.

    Hi Can't update OTA.from 2.3.23 to 2.3.30 (Menu > Settings > About Phone > System updates) When i choose Update now, phone reboots but doesn't update the system. It's still 2.3.23
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    Resolved SGS2 2.2.23 - MMS problem

    Hi. Having problem with MMS. I can't send it. Settings are ok. Anyone else have same problem?