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    New [sgs2] maximum cpu load when music app runs

    it doesnt even need to play any tune, as soon as i open music app it keeps my cpu at 1.2ghz as long as i dont force stop it, then its getting back to 200mhz. basically i cant listen to any music w/o my battery getting drained 100% to zero in ~2 hours.
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    New [sgs2] gps doesnt lock on sattelite

    with older miui and the latest aswell, i installed sammy 4.1.2 via odin and gps was working fine so its something inside miui, ive copied gps.conf and sirfgps.conf from sammy to miui afterwards, no change. any other ideas? ps. ive tried every "fix" ive managed to google in past 5 hours, clean...
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    New [Music app] album art download despite option disabled.

    hello, ive got this bug since like forever or atleast since v4. no matter what i do music app keeps downloading covers for my mp3s. Wouldt be a problem but it doesnt download the right ones most of the time. i disabled "download cover art" option in music app, i also denied internet acces...
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    New [SGS2][2.10.19] FTP Server not working

    when i try to run it the "input following ip adress.." message just flashes with no IP adress in it anyway, then it goes back to disabled state
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    New [2.10.12] [GT-I9100] cant get rid of google apps

    im not using google maps, gmail nor Talk, after every update i uninstall them via TB, now every time i restart my device those apps are back.. i dont use them, i dont need them i dont want them to trash my memory. is there another way go get rid of them permanently?
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    New [sgs2 2.9.14 and up] random restarts

    i my restarts randomly and i cant track the reason of it, sometimes its restarting while playing mmusic, sometimes while copying data from pc to ds via usb, sometimes even when i turn screen on and want to unlock it. it seems pretty random and i cannot reproduce the steps to make it crash again.
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    New SGS2 camera bug

    i got this bug since ics based miui 1st came out every time after boot when i try to run camera for the 1st time it gets stuck for severeal minutes. by that time HUGE thumbnail file is beign created. im attaching 2 screenshots, one with how camera acts (sensor is working tho the app itself...
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    DSP manager or similar

    is there any equalizer for miui v4 that actually works with sgs2 stock music app? dps manager mod or similar.
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    New File explorer rename files bug

    "Failed to rename the file or folder as it already exists" im pretty damn sure i got no folder or file of the name that i wanted to rename item to, tried with several files and folder, seems its the problem with external sd data only sgs2, todays update
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    [Request] More icons on screen

    hey, is there a way to modify number of rows and colums on the main screen? i modified my screen dpi to 182 (via system/build.prop lcd_density setting) cuz i like to have "more" things on screen, but actual 5x4 is still bit too little. 7x6 would be perfect, any way to achieve this?
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    New sgs2 2.6.29 and any other freezes

    it freezes after boot when i try to unlock it and restarts while after. formatted every possible memory, partitioned sd.. it all started after facebook frozen my phone i tried formating everything, wiping memory totaly, fresh instalation doesnt help, freeses like 15-30 seconds after full boot...