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    MIUI 12.0 MIUI 12.0/12.1/12.2/12.5 STABLE RELEASE

    I set my sd card as internal storage and now it's giving me some problems: I have a 64gb phone and a 64gb sd card but after I set it to be used as internal storagey system show that i only have 64gb e the other 64gb is nowhere to be found and now I want to revert that operation but i can't find...
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    Resolved Playstore mi 8lite

    Thank you this worked
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    Resolved Playstore mi 8lite

    I have a mini-problem with WiFi on my mi8lite with latest 9.12.6 , if i download from like chrome it downloads at like 20-40Mb/s which is normal for me but if i update/install apps from play store it goes extremely low . But i noticed that if i download something from chrome and play store...
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    Invalid camera mi8lite

    Hi! i just installed 9.12.5 on my mi 8 lite and i have been having problems with stock camera and *no-support-for-this-app-on-this-forum*. They don't work anymore even like messenger's camera or whatsapp's. After i flashed 9.12.5 re-installed magisk like usual ( it has the HAL3 and camera2api enabler modules ) the cameras...
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    MIUI 11.1 9.9.26/27 v2 - MIUI 11

    Mobile data has started not working and some magisk modules don't work (ex. Google sans font). Someone can help please Using a mi 8 lite
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    [Mi 8 Lite] Gestures and lock screen notifications problems

    I have a mi 8 lite with miui eu 10 v.9.6.13 , I have two problems : 1. sometimes when i unlock my phone the gestures don't function immediately , sometimes i have to wait 5s or lock and unlock the phone to make them work . My phone isn't that old and it doesnt give me other "performance"...