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    What waterproof cover case for Xiaomi Mi 8?

    Hello. I would like to buy a waterproof cover case for my Xiaomi Mi 8. I there any good option? I want for swimming and snorkeling at most at 3 meters deep. I don't mind if it's specifically made for the Mi8 or for any other phone with similar dimensions and button location. I just need...
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    New New text stops appearing on the screen while writing it.

    Quite often, I find myself typing text on any forum and suddenly no newer text appears. I mean I can still view the text I typed before but it's not updated with the new one. In order to be able to type again I need to exit the keyboard mode and reopen it. Does anyone have the same problem? I...
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    How to browse all images on my phone from the computer?

    Sometimes I connect my Mi8 phone to the computer (Windows 10, through USB) to browse the pictures I have shot and decide which ones to move the computer. But when I open one of the pictures with any Windows image viewer the program is only aware of that picture, I'm unable to scroll to the next...
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    How to connect my Mi8 to an external screen?

    Hello. I have a USB-C to HDMI conector. I use it to connect my laptop to my TV. I've also tried to use it with my Mi8 phone but the TV doesn't detect anything. What settings do I need to modify on the phone (with Do I need any special app? Play Store seems to have several apps...
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    Preventing my apps from using data?

    Hello. Since a few weeks ago some app on the mobile is wasting my 4G data, and I have to pay for it. Maybe is some kind of automatic update. How can I prevent this problem and allow the apps to use the Internet only when connected through the WiFi?
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    What is the "Root" subfolder inside the Xiaomi ROM hosting?

    If I want to download a ROM I can do it from sourceforge, androidfilehost and maybe some other sites. If I choose andoidfilehost there exist also a ROOT subfolder with many things inside. What is it? Do we need to download anything from...
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    Continue recording video even with screen off

    Hello. I'd like to leave my Mi8 recording a time-lapse video for a long time. Then I've decided to turn the screen off to save some battery and because it's not good for the screen to be always on. But whenever I turn the screen off the video stops and the camera app switches to the "Foto"...
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    How to change time till screen darkens?

    Hello. When are not using your phone for a while, the screen automatically turns off. (In about 15 seconds). How do I change this time? I can't find the setting. And how can I make it so that momentarily it doesn't turn off? PS: I have the on a Mi8 but I suppose it will be the same...
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    How do I activate the voice assistant for the GPS and calls.

    I'm using Google Maps (and Here We Go and Waze) on my Xiaomi Mi8 with Rom. How can I give orders to any of those apps to go to an address? I don't know if MIUI has such an option or I need to install an voice assistant app or if those GPS apps have it. The question could also be...
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    Where is the "process manager" on MIUI 9?

    Hello. Where can I find the option to see running processes on MIUI 9? (Including system and background processes) I mean something able to view and kill processes like Windows Task Manager.
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    Any mod to hide the notch on Android 9?

    Is there any mod to hide the notch on Android 9.0 for Mi8?
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    New Automatic USB mode transfer files on Mi8 can't be enabled on 8.8.30

    The setting to use automatically the USB to transfer files doesn't work on my Mi8 8.8.30 (I can't post there because it's closed). I need to keep changing it manually every time I connect the cable.
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    "GPS Optimizer" Magisk's module. Does it solve the GPS problem?

    Has anybody tried the "Global optimized GPS File Replacer" Magisk's module? Would it make any improvement or is that setting already included on
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    Can I downgrade to the stable ROM again or brick?

    Some people say there is an antirollback mechanism. Is it the same with the Mi8? What if I try MIU 10 beta I find it doesn't work well and I want to come back to MIU 9. How do I need to proceed?
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    What tool do you use to backup personal settings and apps?

    What are you using in order not to loose all your personal settings, pictures and installed apps whenever you flash new ROMs?
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    Is it posible to downgrade?

    If I flash MIU10 EU... Can I flash MIU 9 global later if it doesn't work well on my Mi8? Or there is an antirollback system? Can that system be bypassed?
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    Any mod to resize system partitions on the Xiaomi Mi8?

    I'm looking for a mod or script to resize system, data, cache... partitions on the Xiaomi Mi8. The default system size is too small (2.9GB) and gets full easily, causing problems on Google services and other apps.
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    Global beta vs

    What are the differences? Which one has better battery duration? In which one do the GPS work better?
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    Does ROMs have antirollback system?

    Does ROMs have antirollback system? Maybe just the ones based on MIUI V9.5.17.0 or newer? Such as explained here:
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    What tools should and shouldn't I use to flash and repair my Xiaomi?

    I've just bought a Xiaomi Mi 8 phone with Chinese ROM and I'm about to flash a new ROM, maybe the ROM. I also want to but a deep flash cable, just in case. I've found there are many programs: XiaomiTool, MiFlash, XiaomiADB, My PC Suite, other... and many different adb drivers...