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  1. t0ph0id

    New alternative to DropBox - SpiderOak, Get 6GB online free online storage here!

    Sign up to SpiderOak and use promo code "WORLDBACKUPDAY" to get 5GB f you use this link you get an extra 1GB so 6GB!
  2. t0ph0id

    12.31 release notes?

    Any release notes for 12.31 yet?
  3. t0ph0id

    MIUI launcher with Launcher Pro Plus widgets?

    I've been using MIUI for a while now, but I'm still not running the MIUI browser. The reason? I love the Launcher Pro Plus widgets, especially the ones rehashed by Andrewtst. So, is it possible to separate these widgets and use them independently, so that I can run them on my MIUI launcher...
  4. t0ph0id

    Screenshot not working in 11.19

    The settings button + volume down screenshot isn't working in the current version of MIUI Sent from my Nexus One using the Forums App
  5. t0ph0id

    Which browser?

    Recently there's been a few new browsers released including Miren & Charming, I'm currently using X-Scope, which do you use and why? I'm considering trying these two new ones out but not sure which to go for. Sent from my Nexus One using the Forums App
  6. t0ph0id

    Is this the MIUI weather map working outside of China?

    On this ROM here -
  7. t0ph0id

    Non-Facebook forum theme please!

    Everytime I open a thread on my work computer it brings up a pop-up twice to warning me that I'm trying to connect to facebook which is blocked. Please can we have a forum theme that doesn't have facebook links anywhere? Thanks
  8. t0ph0id

    Incorrect timezone

    I still can't set the correct timezone, I know there is a known bug but I followed these steps in terminal emulator setprop persist.sys.timezone Europe/London followed by a reboot and it still wont let me select London, is there a step I'm missing?