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    So can I do anything for her (install old rom, install/remove app,...) to stop that draining o_O?
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    My wife's Redmi Pro also have problems with draining battery since few days/weeks. Did this last update of stops this draining?
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    New Mi5s 7.7.13 Playstore Error 492

    The Play Store APK 8.0.73.R-all [0] [PR] 162689464( fixed the problem with my Mi4 (solution found on
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    New Mi5s 7.7.13 Playstore Error 492

    Here is my bug report
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    New Mi5s 7.7.13 Playstore Error 492

    I have the same problem (492), here google play says "not certified". And how can I check your mentioned "SafetyNet"?
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    MIUI 8.6 7.6.22/25

    Hi, I have the problem (since many weeks the same) that whenever I start google photos app after a few seconds (when the pcitures get synced) it crashes, see screenshot. Do anyone else also experience this crash? Thanks
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    Is My Bootloader Unlocked? (miui Global 8.0 Stable ( Lkxcnma)

    +1 (thanks for that info) - Unlocked bootloader - flashed twrp via commandline (fastboot flash recovery twrp.img) - rebooted into recovery and flashed rom there (had to switch from chinese to english first in twrp *g*)
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    Updater Process Ended With Error: 7

    Ok, Mi4 was 4.4.4 rom so I had to merge partitions. I did that with (cancro_merge_partition (2).zip) and afterwards flashed rom again and now everything worked as it should :)
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    Updater Process Ended With Error: 7

    Hi, I got my new Mi4 today and want to flash latest weekly rom (16.9.15). So I downloaded twrp, flashed it through fastboot and booted to twrp. So far so good. I wiped everything but the internal storage in twrp. But when I now try to flash the...
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    rotation lag

    @Fidyyuan That's not only with dark themes... I have totally default theme (not dark) and have this slooooow rotation also. 100-200% times faster it works when I use vorkKernel-720p-SVS-CFS
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    MIUI Community - What device do you want to see running MIUI?

    MIUI for my wifes device would be really nice... ZTE Blade / BASE Lutea
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    CPU Toggle on Pull Down Bar

    I think it sets down the cpu 200 mhz lower.... Sent from my HTC Desire using Tapatalk
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    Miui music only Cover art

    ...also waiting for an answer but I think it isn't possible right now (to show only the cover when lyrics are saved for that song). So deactivate the download lyrics option and delete all saved lyrics is the only option I think!
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    [MultiDevice]Bigrushdog's Weekly Mods How To [Must Learn!!!]

    Thanks! Some small useful hints:
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    Miui Battery Circle MOD for N1/Desire now for Gingerbread :)

    ...can you do a "language indepented version"? only the status bar/icons? (would be better for all that languages out there... german here for example)
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    New Music app

    ...had the same, really look for hidden files in your music folder (I overlooked a .nomedia file)
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    ***[MOD] Moviestar Black-MOD v6.2 for N1 & Desire***

    Danke vielmals ;)!
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    MIUI Music Application 0.11.19 English Translated!

    Is it planned to take the included album cover from the mp3 file (id tag) instead of taking the cover jpg file in the folder?
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    ***[MOD] Moviestar Black-MOD v6.2 for N1 & Desire***

    Wenn Du das ganze über die neue Theme-Möglichkeit von MIUI zur Verfügung stellst, dann wäre auch alle Desire-Inhaber glücklich ;)
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    MIUI Music Application 0.11.19 English Translated!

    I have all of my mp3 albums in /sdcard/music but the miui player doesn't see any of this files/albums!? Did a rescan of the media files with the rescan app but stillt the same. I only get/see my ringtones mp3 files in that player (which are placed in /sdcard/media/audio/ringtones). update...