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  1. sxHeavy

    [Fixed] Mi 10 [umi] Widevine L1 disappeared

    Hi I had widevine L1 for a while and 10 minutes ago I just lost it while a I was watching some content on French app MyCanal. I checked DRM info and yeah it is back to L3 without doing any modifications. Phone is latest weekly update. No Magisk no root. TWRP packed with the rom. No custom...
  2. sxHeavy

    Invalid Widevine is L3

    Hi widevine is L3. Used to be L1 in previous weekly update. Phone model : MI 10 umi. Rom : latest weekly beta No root no Magisk no anything Just xiaomi EU rom. Cleared app cache and data = doesn't fix
  3. sxHeavy

    New control center or old style notification panel ?

    Hey guys I'm curious about everyone opinion about new control center and if people really enjoy it. For me the old one is better. Tell me your pro & cons
  4. sxHeavy

    Mi 10 - Need advice to install latest weekly ROM first installation.

    Hey guys, So I've been using weekly for Mi 8 (Dipper) since 2 years.Installing updates through TWRP. As you know, sdm845 aren't supported anymore. I made myself a gift and bought Mi 10 (umi) last week (official EEA Version sold in France on My bootloader is locked, I did...