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  1. rattensuppe

    Careful, Official Ota Update (29th May) Is A Downgrade!

    Hey fellow Xiaomi Users, today I received an update notification for my Redmi Note 5 Global Edition (was on 9.5.6 stable). Unfortunately I didn't check the version and installed the update only to be greeted with a google error message AFTER the installation that my data is corrupted and I...
  2. rattensuppe

    Twrp For Kenzo & Kate

    Hello guys, currently TWRP for Kenzo and recently also Kate, can be found here: HowTo for Kenzo (also works for Kate): Original TWRP Kenzo/Kate Thread (Chinese):
  3. rattensuppe

    Mi3 Windows 10?

    Hey guys, I read that the Mi4 is supposed to get Windows 10 Preview soon and will get a full Windows 10 later this year. That said, it should be possible to run Windows 10 on the Mi3 as well due to similar hardware. As you know Mi3 and Mi4 are already sharing the same Android ROM. So let's...