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  1. Orpheus

    New SGS2 i9100 - 3.5.24 - Misc issues

    Hello all As far as i've read, seems I9100 has a lot of bugs.. but it's "normal" as it just left the beta testing part !! :) So far on my S2 i've following issues: - phone doesnt reboot... no logo samsung (already raised) - phone cannot be recognized as usb device - only have MTP and PTP...
  2. Orpheus

    Expandable notifications in MiUI JB

    Hello all Quick question for you: i'm running MiUI on my S2. But i cannot see anywhere the expandable notifications... Should i enable anything specific ? Thanks :)
  3. Orpheus

    USB Mass Storage - How to enable it ?

    Hello all I'm back on MiUI and very happyfor this ! and so is my GS2 :) As i used another ROM for a few months i'm no more used to the new menus -screens... Let me explain you my issue: I would like to be able to access my SDs content using Windows Explorer. But when i plug the cable, i see...
  4. Orpheus

    New SGS2 - I9100 - 3.3.29 - cannot reboot phone :'(

    hello all this mail to ask you how can i fix my non rebooting phone.. arrives on MI(xiami place) vibrates but is blocked... any other option than reflashing ? thanks !
  5. Orpheus

    New SGS2 - I9100 - 3.3.29 - Some bugs

    Hello all I came back from JellyBam ROM to MiUI ;) As usual very smooth ! :) Anyway i have some issues: - Home button (the middle one) doesnt seem to be zorking : - Browser not working : - After providing my PIN, i have another bootimage (MiUI) dont know if it's a bug... - When accessing...
  6. Orpheus

    Resolved SGS2- When will i be able to test the MiUI JellyBean ? :)

    Hello do you have any ETA for the delivery of the LOVELY jelly bean for i9100 ?
  7. Orpheus

    New SGS2- 3.1.11 - cannot move apps to sd

    Hello I can't move apps to SD.which is getting quite annoying since i don't have any space left on my device.. Should i do something specific ? Thanks...
  8. Orpheus

    New SGS2-2.12.28- Blocked on MI-Xiaomi boot logo

    Hello everybody I've an issue... I played with AppControl (disabled everything except some GPlay services) and had to reboot phone... but now nothing works... blocked on MI page... Can anyone help me ? I tried to clean Cache, Dalvik cache... Should i delete specific files on the...
  9. Orpheus

    MOD - MultiWindow

    Hello everybody Don't know if its the proper place, but is the MultiWindow feature planned ? It's a LOVELY feature .... which i'm quite sure a lot of users would love to have ! ^^
  10. Orpheus

    New SGS2 (I9100) - 2.12.7 - Wifi toggle

    Hello everybody First of all thanks for this lovely ROM ! Very stable, cannot use another one (well, let's say i dont want to go to another one ! ) I'm currently encountering some issues with Wifi Toggle. Has anybody the same issue ? Thanks !
  11. Orpheus

    New SGS2 - 2.11.2 - Notes sync always failing

    When i try to sync my notes with my gmail account, i'm always facing a "Sync failed, internal error occurred": I've tried to switch to another gmail account but same issue...
  12. Orpheus

    New SGS2 - 2.9.7 - issue when receiving anonymous calls

    Dear all, I'm running 2.9.7 version on my gs2. When i receive any anonymous calls, sometimes i can answer. No matter if i can answer or not, as the end i've an error " process stopped" Did anybody face the same issue ? Thanks
  13. Orpheus

    Is there a setting to advise MIUI to search for international/national numbers?

    Hello Please find below my question: all my contacts are stored in international format (+33,+352...) But when i want to call, i usually type the local format (0+number) Unfortunately, it seems MiUI doesn't find those numbers. Is there a setting advising the system to do this ? Thanks !!
  14. Orpheus

    New SGS2 -2.8.17 - Music playlist refresh + assigning ringtone cleared

    Hello, Is anyone facing the same issues as me? Playlist cleaning I've several musics under my sdcard, organized in Playlist. When i plug my phone to a computer or similar and when i unplug it, the playlists are still there but empty... :( I also assign ringtone to specific contacts but...
  15. Orpheus

    Mount MiUI on a tablet using basic USB port

    Hello all Is there a way to mount an Android phone on a tablet like a USB key? I'm using MiUI under a GS2 and my tablet is a A500 (Running an alternative ROM as well) .
  16. Orpheus

    In Progress SGS2 - I9100 - Issues within 2.6.29

    Dear all First of all thanks for this lovely rom i LOVE ! :) But i has due to upgrade to 2.6.29 and i'm facing some issues: - Gps not working (even after having used Faster Fix) - Wrong contact photo (already exists...
  17. Orpheus

    [RESOLVED]MIUI Music App - Exclude specific folders

    Dear MiUI dev team, I've a question. Is it possible to exclude (on include, no matter in which sense) specific folders within MiUI music app ? Thanks a lot ! ^^