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  1. nJoy-Android

    Invalid [9.7.4] [Mi9Se] Fingerprint Not shown with deactivated AOD

    I cannot unlock the Phone with disabled AOD. It doesn't Show the Fingerprint Animation. Any settings i have to Check? In Global Version it Shows the Animation everytime you raise Up the Phone. In thus weakly none.
  2. nJoy-Android

    Resolved Redmi 5 (rosy) after flashing 8.11.15 no Mount Data partition

    I can't mount data partition with latest TWRP after flashing the 8.11.15 beta (Android 8.1). Read similar threads with "Fingerprint issue". In my opinion it's because the keys from fingerprint are stored in data partition. But system can't write data partition. Did anyone have solved...
  3. nJoy-Android

    Redmi Note 5 no audio from 3.5 headphones

    Redmi Note 5 on weakly 8.9.6 No audio from plugged in headphones! Sound comes from earspeaker from telephone... The device recognize the headphones (symbol is there). Any known issues with that rom? Or hardware failure? Solved with a restart [emoji849]
  4. nJoy-Android

    Bad Audio Quality Within Recorded Videos And Audiorecorder

    Redmi Note 4X (Mido) on latest Beta 8.3.8 I just noticed, the sound quality in Video recording is terrible... AFAIK it was fixed in september? Any chance with factory reset? Or should i format data and reinstall clean latest beta? Any Solutions are welcome. PS: tried with XDA FIX...
  5. nJoy-Android

    Old Ui-sounds From Redmi Note 4

    For those who liked the old Ui-Sounds lock and unlock. You need root-access You have to replace these files in \system\media\audio\ui Change rights to 0644
  6. nJoy-Android

    Redmi 4x Dual Sim And Microsd?

    Anyone tried function dual SIM and micro SD card simultaneously?
  7. nJoy-Android

    Redmi 4x Weakly Rom For Slow Motion In Camera

    I'm looking for weakly Rom with slowmotion in video camera. Last two roms didn't have this. Anyone knows last Rom with this feature?
  8. nJoy-Android

    Xiaomi Remi Note 4 From Weakly To Stable

    Hi, I Just want to Try the new Xiaomi.EU stable Im on Weakly 6.12.1 Do i have to install the ROM through The MIUI Installer Or with TWRP? Should i wipe ? If yes, what should i wipe? Did i loose Data? Thanks for any answer.
  9. nJoy-Android

    Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 - No Deepsleep - Only In Flightmode

    Im on Xiaomi.Eu Rom 6.12 CpuSpy couldn't read CPU-States, so i started WakelockDetector. It tells me no DeepSleep - only in FlightMode it becomes DeepSleep... Is this normal? Wasted Batterypower...