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  1. donP73

    Why not?

    Why the developers don't use THIS more functional Camera in MIUI rom?
  2. donP73

    Battery Usage Statistics

    Why in 0.12.3 battery usage statistic page we haven't total running time in title anymore?
  3. donP73

    SMS app: Models and smilies

    I'm using handcent 'cause I've some difficulties with SMS stock app: Is there a way to EDIT SMS Models and Smilies? (unmodifiable Models are useless and those smilies are ugly and noone has them on his phone). Is there a way to insert/display standard smilies like handcent or chompsms or...
  4. donP73

    RDS on FM Radio

    Anyone could tell me if we'll have also Radio Data System in FM Radio app (like Sense one)?