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  1. the matrix

    New Whatsapp, Telegram and other apps notifications plays sound event in "do not disburb"

    Hello, In MIUI 11 (and also in MIUI 10 but not in MIUI 9) some notifications (WhatsApp, Telegram, Wallapop,...) are playing sound even if "Do Not Disburb" is active. Notification sounds are played if I allow phone calls while in "Do Not Disturb" but no if I disable phone calls while in this...
  2. the matrix

    Encryption, why not?

    Noticed that your ROM isn't supporting encryption. Please, can you explain why not? Thanks in advance
  3. the matrix

    Start "Encrypt device using lockscreen password" if TWRP installed

    Hello, Is possible to start ""Encrypt device using lockscreen password" process if TWRP installed? Is possible to have encripted device if TWRP installed? Thanks