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    Gingerbread MIUI is coming!!

    from So excited!!
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    Edit ID3 tags in MIUI Music?

    In the release notes, under Music, it mentioned adding the ability to edit ID3 tags. I've been all over the Music app and even tried File Explorer, and I can't find the option to edit anything. Am I missing something, or was this feature not added, after all?
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    [FONTS] Theme Manager Fonts [UPDATE 4/2]

    MIUIFont Archives These fonts are packaged to work with the MIUI Theme Manager. There's no flashing necessary, just a hot reboot after the font is applied. Changing your font couldn't be easier. To install these fonts, just put them in /sdcard/MIUI/theme like all .mtz theme files. When you...
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    Widget size grid

    This one is kind of hard to notice, but makes setting widgets confusing. The grid that's displayed next to the widgets when in editing mode (not the grid on the desktop, the one next to each widget in the selection box) displays all widgets as 1x1, no matter what size they are. If the widget...
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    FileManager support?

    I was reading this week's changelog, and this feature was listed. Does anyone know what this might be referring to? I assume it doesn't have anything to do with the File Manger that has been included with MIUI, but I could be wrong. Maybe some detail was lost in translation?
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    Official English Charming (MIUI) Browser

    An official English version of the Charming Browser was posted to xda here: Enjoy!