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  1. turbodrew

    Vote for the new MIUI Slogan!

    I voted for yours since it's the best overall, but if it were up to me, I'd make one small change by dropping the exclamation point or changing it to a period. I think it would sound better as a statement rather than an exclamation. Just my 2¢.
  2. turbodrew

    New gallery sux!!

    Agreed. Far superior to Google's gallery; not sure about the MIUI gallery since it's not available for my phone yet.
  3. turbodrew

    Automatic Restore

    If it's the one I'm thinking of in Settings/Privacy, it pulls whatever apps and settings were uploaded to your Google account during the last sync. Not sure when it syncs though, the last few times it's auto-restored on mine it pulled down wallpapers and apps I haven't used in quite a while. It...