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  1. PeTiT

    Resolved Mi6 - Alarm issue

    Hi dears, I've some issues with alarms (I suppose the problem started around 1 month ago, when I passed from Android 8 to 9 [clean install]): 1. alarm don't turn on screen 2. alarm is not in the classical "full screen" alarm window: after I turn on screen manually [caused by point 1] it only...
  2. PeTiT

    Netflix app issue

    Mi6, clean install android pie: I've an issue with Netflix app: every time I open the app, it ask me the profile I want use for the app. Never happened before, with Android 8. I found a workaround: lock the app to prevent to be killed by system... But it's not a good solution imho. Any idea?
  3. PeTiT

    Mi6 Lock-unlock Screen

    Hello guys, I need some help with my Mi6. I'm not a fan of "unlock screen" so for this reason I disabled it from "developer settings" and instead of this I enebled "double tap screen to wake up screen". Fantastic....But I noticed a problem... if I press "HOME" button (the fingerprint button)...
  4. PeTiT

    Mi6 Tempered Glass Screen Protector Help

    Hello guys, I purchased one from G3arB3st but it's not so good: it don't attach properly on borders... 2-3 mm are not good attached. Probably because Mi6 have screen borders a bit curved...
  5. PeTiT

    Twrp 3.0 For Mi4c

    hi, I found this: anyone tried to install it?
  6. PeTiT

    Mi4c - Music Equalizer Bluetooth []

    hi all, if I use cable headphones I'm able to enter equalizer (inside app music) but if I use Bluetooth headset equalizer option become gray and I have no way to equalize sound. A friend of me have my same Bluetooth headset and on his S.S4 is able to equalize, even if using a BT headset...
  7. PeTiT

    MIUI 0.12.18 - "traffic control" app built-in bugs

    very nice the "traffic control" app built-in in this new MIUI release. But I'm having 2 boring bugs: - 1 - missing "reset point" for counters. Imagine that I want set the sms limit @ 50 for day. I can set 50 as limit... but there is no way to set "reset to 0 at midnight"... Actually...
  8. PeTiT

    [Q] SD migration help

    before installing MIUI, my SD had only one partition used to store personal data: no app2sd (or similar) before and no possibility to transfer the app on the SD. Now I realized that I can safely move the app from the internal memory and put them in SD. Note that I didn't create any new...
  9. PeTiT

    sms screen wakeup (and popup)

    I found the setting to see a popup when I receive an sms: great!! ...but this works only when screen is active... Is there a way to setup this also when screen is off? a workaround for this could be that screen wake-up when an sms is received. Is possible to do this? thanks all
  10. PeTiT

    appKiller question

    I keep pressed home key and then I see the appKiller button... having this feature integrated inside the rom is really wonderful. :) :) No more need to install a 3rd party task manager. Only one question: how-to create white/black list of programs I want never/always kill? This...