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    Need a broken mi mix 2s

    I had a beautiful Mi Mix 2s, until my dad dropped it in the sea, Lol. Now my charger port and the front camera don't work. Does anybody has a broken/faulty phone, with these two working parts? I'd buy it.
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    Mi 10T Pro weekly rom, how to update it every week?

    So I want to install the weekly rom on my friend's Mi 10T Pro, but I've read that it must be installed without flashing TWRP. And the question is, if I install it this way, how can I update it? Do I have to boot to the TWRP from a PC everytime when an update arrives or can it be installed just...
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    Invalid OK Google not working on Mi 9 after 20.12.28 update

    When I try to enable the Voice Match function in the Google Assistant settings, it always restores itself to off no matter how I try. In the Driving settings when I try to enable voice match, the button itself isn't working, it can't be turned on or off.