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  1. fonfon

    [Ask] Forthcoming devices information

    Is there any info that miui gonna support more motorola devices? such as razr maxx, razr maxx hd can we use the droid razr miui on razr maxx? sorry for the noob questions but nothing difference between razr and razr maxx except the batt.
  2. fonfon

    [Ask]How to download MIUI theme on zerocool? (MIUI theme competition winners)

    I've seen posts from that they already published the winners of the MIUI theme competition in 2012. But the link is in original forum (zerocool) maybe someone be able to download the themes and doesnt mind to share how to do so.. Since is hard to read mandarin or canton.. :(
  3. fonfon

    New [SGS2][MIUI 2.6.15] Cant turn wifi ON

    The wifi suddenly turned off and I cant turn it on.. it froze while i was turning it on... soft reboot didnt seem to repair wifi turn on prob... It happens only with the new sgs2 base :( I got this while finding for solution does...
  4. fonfon

    Does anyone be able to run init.d script?

    Well, i have a problem that init.d script that i put on /system/etc/init.d is not being executed... if anyone be able to share some exp or knowledge would be great.. i tried these tags #!/system/bin/sh and #!/sbin/busybox sh but i dont think this is the problem :p i removed root and...
  5. fonfon

    [REQ] Desire S MIUI 2.4.20 GB Link

    Hey.. does anyone still have the link or file :( apparently the link here has expired my friend need it for his desire S regards
  6. fonfon

    In Progress [SGS2][2.4.20] Play Music, the screen fade to black, and then reboot

    I wonder anyone experienced the same thing pls share... I cant provide further logs because.. it still keep rebooting after 5-10 secs playing music :( I followed flashing standard procedure (backup,wipe dalvik, factory reset, and then flash) Im assuming it happens when the music app not be...