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  1. fonfon

    Xiaomi Mihome Launcher 2.17.0 - Updated

    ggreat. gonna try it now bro.
  2. fonfon

    MIUI v5 Preview

    Lol yeah soon im used to it (two months later.. :p)
  3. fonfon

    MIUI v5 Preview

    yeahh Im happy for you hope your "device" get the version 5... LOLOLOL does anyone know when is the non-MI and non-nexus device get the v5? <-- that the big question
  4. fonfon

    Changelog MIUI ROM 2.12.21 Changelog

    new year in january or chinese new year? :/
  5. fonfon

    Stock Android on MI-2

    I dont think miui has modified the kernel.. why? because i dont see any changelog that is kernel related in miuiandroid weekly updates.. even their latest device is a garbage... because they dont know how to code directly into the hardware eventhough qualcomm has provided SDK. another thing...
  6. fonfon

    Preview MIUI ROM Preview 2.11.2 changelog (Week 113)

    LOL still using MMS? emails and messengers are much better...! i dunno why miui keep fixing mms maybe they use it alot in china..
  7. fonfon

    Preview MIUI ROM 2.10.19 Preview Changelog (Week 111)

    Im with you SAMSUNG is a f**k since they didnt release some of their source code... and yes the nexus are coming to the manufacturers this is a good news i really expect MOTOROLA NEXUS or XPERIA NEXUS since both of them concern of build quality instead just the highend hardwares...
  8. fonfon


    hehe today is friday 2.9.29 <-- seems luck to chinese :P there's no saturday *peace*
  9. fonfon

    [Ask] Forthcoming devices information

    Is there any info that miui gonna support more motorola devices? such as razr maxx, razr maxx hd can we use the droid razr miui on razr maxx? sorry for the noob questions but nothing difference between razr and razr maxx except the batt.
  10. fonfon

    In Progress Alarm Clock bug 2.9.7 ICS

    not a miuiandroid build? you shouldnt post here.. because peaches said that he couldnt reproduce the bugs.. (different build works differently)
  11. fonfon

    New SGS2 - 2.9.7

    im not sure... but thats how alarm usually work rite? while the alarm ringing you have to turn it off and then the screen goes off eventually (depends on your screen sleep time). After that the device is locked (while screen is off). your case never happen to me tho.. >_<
  12. fonfon

    In Progress SGS2 2.8.31 IR Sensor bug

    Lets agree, a feature that doesnt work properly is a bug :p haha And i dont think we should change the way we unlock our phone just avoid this bug -_- (habit rules)
  13. fonfon

    In Progress SGS2 2.8.31 IR Sensor bug

    this is really annoying haha.. the sensor keep on about nearly 20s after unlocking by pressing home button... it also randomly stays ON.. but while unlocking using the power button the sensor is not ON (so how this feature work?) too much wakelock caused by sensor (acceleromenter). they should...
  14. fonfon

    Preview MIUI ROM 2.8.31 Changelog

    How soon is soon? ^_^
  15. fonfon

    Preview MIUI ROM 2.8.17 Preview Changelog

    @ ibot hoaaa u make us feel envy, a non-nexus-user.... :p
  16. fonfon

    Changelog MIUI ROM 2.8.10 Changelog

    Omg these fixes gonna be awesome..
  17. fonfon

    [Ask]How to download MIUI theme on zerocool? (MIUI theme competition winners)

    I've seen posts from that they already published the winners of the MIUI theme competition in 2012. But the link is in original forum (zerocool) maybe someone be able to download the themes and doesnt mind to share how to do so.. Since is hard to read mandarin or canton.. :(
  18. fonfon

    Preview MIUI ROM 2.7.27 Preview change log

    Hmm i dont think general stability is an issue (obviously CM9 is better than samsung stocks) i've used cmiui more than a week.. it's very compact and fast.
  19. fonfon

    Preview MIUI ROM 2.7.20 Preview Changelog

    @all hmm there are many causes to the battery drain (kernel, apps, usage, battery age, etc.) haha... i think you should point the exact cause of the batt draining instead hypothetically screaming 'my batt is draining' lol and dont use this thread (preview) to test your hypothesis... PS: Bulk...
  20. fonfon

    MIUI+LINARO possible?

    I think you just got the wrong idea about linaro.. Linaro is a toolchain to compile kernel optimized to arm based processor.. CM already implemented that.. they compiled kernel and produce better binary with linaro toolchaing.. Try to read deeper and get what the technical meaning about it..