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  1. Ciph

    MULTI 5.9.24/26

    Xiaomi Redmi 2. Flashed one day ago, did full wipe, came from 5.8.27. Stable, no issues so far, battery seems better. Thank you!
  2. Ciph

    MULTI 5.8.27

    Redmi 2 2014813 seems to work perfect, no issues so far! Thank you
  3. Ciph

    MULTI 4.10.17

    Let me rephrase myself.. How do you flash with the flash_all??
  4. Ciph

    MULTI 4.10.17

    How do you install Xiaomi MI-2/MI-2SariesV6 - 4.4 for MI2S? After I flashed it like normal the device wont boot up. (Moved to SD and choose Install update)
  5. Ciph

    MULTI 4.5.23

    Thank you so so much for the N7000 update!! Seems to work perfect and the annoying SMS texting bug is gone :) Edit: The Gallery and Camera application now crashes when you try to open them =/
  6. Ciph

    MULTI 4.5.16

    Thanks for this update. Just a quick question. No update for the Galaxy Note (N7000) this week?
  7. Ciph

    MULTI 4.5.9

    I have problems with the Galaxy Note N7000, the SMS app is totaly messed up. No keyboard is displayed when I click at the bottom box and it looks misplaced aswell. Any ideas? Thanks
  8. Ciph

    MULTI 4.5.9

    Very nice to see a update, but I am hoping to see a update for Galaxy Note N7000 soon :)
  9. Ciph

    MULTI 3.12.27

    Just wondering, will there be a version for Galaxy Note N7000 this week? I usualy find one on sundays but nothing so far :(
  10. Ciph

    MULTI 3.12.20

    I have been running MIUI for the last couple of months, never had any problems. But with this update my phone reboots itself after I have entered PIN code. When I flashed back to last weeks version Phone, Messages etc closed directly when I tried to open them So now I had to do a full wipe and...
  11. Ciph

    ******* down

    Still ongoing DDoS.. :( I thought it would be over by now, I have ordered my first time from there today. Hope it goes well..
  12. Ciph


    Alright thanks for quick reply!
  13. Ciph


    Im confused. Is root working for version 3.8.30 for Galaxy Note N7000? If not will we get another version? Otherwise ill just wait for next weeks release.
  14. Ciph


    Did you try to do wipe cache + wipe dalvik cache?
  15. Ciph


    Unofficial FTP mirror can be found here:
  16. Ciph

    MIUI ROM 2.8.3 Release

    Thanks for updating, SGS2 is working perfect now.
  17. Ciph

    In Progress SGS2 - 2.8.3 Release BUGS

    Thank you for updating the Rom and fixing the issue. The new download is working perfect :)
  18. Ciph

    In Progress SGS2 - 2.8.3 Release BUGS

    I tried to do wipe data/factory, wipe cache and wipe dalvik again. Everything is working perfect until I do Restore with MIUI backup, so it seems something changed and screws up the system if you restore / dont wipe everything. Maybe related to the new encryption feature in MIUI backup?
  19. Ciph

    In Progress SGS2 - 2.8.3 Release BUGS

    Unfortunately I can confirm the system UI crash and the notification bar is gone. It happens all the time :(. I did wipe data/factory, wipe cache, wipe dalvik before installing. Rolling back to my nandroid backup
  20. Ciph

    MIUI ROM 2.8.3 Release

    Probably because OTA has not been updated with latest release for your phone yet. My phone tells me im running the latest build too.. I have a SGSII.