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  1. trustkill

    Mi 9 SE only Widevine Level 3?

    My Mi 9 SE, running 9.9.3 only has Widevine Level 3. Is this a fault? I read the global version should have Level 1 certification...
  2. trustkill

    No HD Content Amazon Prime Video

    My device (MI 9 SE) has Widevine Level 1 but doesnt play any HD Content in Amazon Prime Video App. Does anyone have any idea why?
  3. trustkill

    Amazing Antutu Score

    I just want to share this unbeliveable Antutu Score: :D
  4. trustkill

    New Weather App error

    Why is there always such a big difference? Whyred / 8.7.12
  5. trustkill

    Redmi Note 5 Global Rom

    Anyone with a Redmi Note 5 Global? Which Version of weekly is working? I ask, because there are several versions of this phone NOT working with the whyred rom... Thanks!
  6. trustkill

    Fyi:kernel Source For Redmi 4 Prime Is Officially Released!
  7. trustkill

    Who Has Redmi 4 Pro From *******?

    Hi, Anyone owns a Redmi 4 pro from *******? I ordered one, whats your advice to flash the EU ROM? I read some threads about bricked phones and I am afraid to brick my Phone, too.