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  1. Wywern

    Sound problem

    MiMax3, MIUI 20.6.11 I have the problem - phone switched the sound to the headphones what is signalyzed by the icon. The problem is - there is no headphones connected, and I cannot switch is back to normal phone speaker (only to handsfree mode) I know, its probably silly problem, but...
  2. Wywern

    MIUI 12 on Mix2

    Are you using the last ROM on yours Mix2? How it works? Are there a problems? Is it worth to upgrade from MIUI 11
  3. Wywern

    Mi Mix2 upper right corner hot

    Phone was laying unused at the moment, but upper right corner went hot and then the phone rebooted few times (going max to Mi logo) Is it just coincidence or should I look for another phone? (my ZTE Nubia Z7max died in similar way, that's way I'm so affraid)
  4. Wywern

    Downgrade MIUI 12 to 11

    I am now on MIUI 11, eu ROM 20.3.26 and thinking to upgrade to newest MIUI 12 - 20.6.18, due to some problems with WiFi connection with my Gigabox router But question is - could I rollback in case of any problem?
  5. Wywern And Sony Smart Extensions

    I have a problem to run smart extensions for sony smartwatch 2 on Installation goes, but the apps doesn't work - precisely they do nothing at all ;) On chinese original ROM (also oreo) they worked. Do anyone of you found any solution?