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    DesireHD = My phone number 'unknown' <Please read>

    I heard that this wasn't an operator bug since everyone with a DHD and MIUI has this problem. But, it's good to hear yours worked out :D mine didn't... ARGH
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    DesireHD = My phone number 'unknown' <Please read>

    I'm with you! I have the same problem, and I'm a DHD user as well. I also posted a thread before, but didn't really get a proper response from MIUI. As every other devices don't show this specific problem, I doubt it's the ROM's fault. It could be the problem when porting from one device to...
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    My phone number unknown

    I think many people are still suffering from the "unknown" label in their phone settings. I am also having this problem, and as some of the applications on the market require phone number verification, I think it's vital that MIUI does something about this!! ARGHHH!!!!! but I still LOVE...