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    Phone: HTC One X Country: Australia Carrier: Virgin Mobile/Yes Optus It used to show a list of APN's but now it no longer does :(
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    has anyone noticed that since end of september builds, the apn settings are no longer installed/read by default. Is there any reason why?
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    hey guys using the one x, i installed android rev hd (did the super wipe thing) and it changed the format from ext whatever it was, to ext4. now installing miui on it, it goes through bootloop. Any suggestions?
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    [FONTS] Theme Manager Fonts [UPDATE 4/2]

    hey dude can you create one for the default font that comes with miui english?
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    [Request] Smiley Button

    Toto to xda forum and go into nexus one apps! and themes section. In there you will see a thread for HTC keyboard Sent from my Nexus One using the Forums App
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    MMCBLOCK0 ERRORZ htc desire

    Or you could just post the commands as a tutorial.... Sent from my Nexus One using the Forums App
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    Samsung Galaxy S i9000

    but is MIUI released for this device? Im pretty sure it's not. If and when it does, i'll be moving to the samsung! it looks soo good!
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    eMIUI_0.12.18 "No Service" after locking phone once

    this should be in the desire forum...shouldn't it? this section is regarding bugs that are platform wide, not device specific.
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    Is anyone else glad that MIUI is not open source?

    open source is great...but sometimes when people take AOSP they generate a lot of crap ROMS that basically offer exactly the same thing with a different theme... WTF? screw that. Like how MIUI is doing things :)
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    Quick guide for translation of the ROM

    i think u should just ask this question in XDA... might not take soo long to answer.
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    [ALL PHONES] Helvetica Neue Fonts

    cant open this font in windows.. is it broken or different kind of ttf format?
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    Miui 0.11.19 english pack #3c (Nexus One / Desire)

    Turn of signature verification and try kk.
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    Miui 0.11.19 english pack #3c (Nexus One / Desire)

    Have you tried re flashing/wiping and doing a clean install? It works for me.
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    Miui 0.11.19 english pack #3c (Nexus One / Desire)

    Ah man did a full wipe using amonra 2.00 recovery and getting many many fc's all over the place. Get it when messaging people (or try to atleast), changing the theme. Perhaps a change in the language pack might fix it. If I use rom without language applied it works great Sent from my Nexus...
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    today's update coming in HOT!!!

    is there a change log available?