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    mistake in miui browser

    Hey Bro's, since two month I saw a mistake in our miui browser. If you are in a forum, klick maybe a link. It open now (since two month) in a new window. If the windows open, you are not able to write for example e message. The one thing you can do is opening this link in a new tab, now you...
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    Hidden folders

    Hey Bro's, since 1.7.29 we can't hidding our folders (files) - only the apps (hidding or setting passwords behind). How can we this handle like before 1.7.29?
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    Date on pictures

    Hi all, as I saw, we have no more dateson the pictures. I think, that this is importand. Is there any way to include this anyway?
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    Desire rebboting itself - after that home button function does nothing

    Hi Bro's I have a question (this happens me by 1.2.11 D2W, too). My Desire was charging by my laptop via USB. Once I heared a rebooting. After that I saw, that battery was by 100 %. But my home button hasn't after this no funktion - it did nothing. I rebooted it manually again, after this...
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    Not possible scan QCodes with barcode scanner

    Hi all, tried few minutes ago scanning Vplayer with the barcode scanner. My standart browser is Miren (what else :D ). But as seen, it opens Miren and said, that's not possible opening market. Does someone has experience with such thing? Attached for your trying th Qcode...
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    Zoom for video function

    Hi there, in 1.28 there is a zoom function (volume keys). Is there any way to make this functions for videos, during recording?
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    error code: der prozsess android.process.acore wurde beendet

    Hi all, tired today flashing 1.28 - before wipe cache, wipe Dalvik cache and full wipe/factory reset.After flashing the new rom got this error code: der prozsess android.process.acore wurde beendet Normaly if you wipe cache you get a message like: wipe complete. After wipe Dalvik cache it...
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    troubles with 1.26 rom

    Hi all, think, there is something wrong with miui 1.26. After rebooting and giving Pin - it reboot again and again (flashed three times today- even same problem).:cry: Someone know way out this problem?