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    Bluetooth / Navigation problem

    With every MIUI Rom I've used, there's a problem where I start Google Navigation while Blootooth is connected to my bluetooth earpiece. I make a phone call. At that point, I hear navigation in the bluetooth headset rather than on the speaker of the phone. After this point, the phone will not...
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    Problem with Contact Editing/SMS

    If I create new or edit the phone number of a contact, the custom MIUI interface automatically adds dashes. When I go to send an SMS to one of these phone numbers, it says, "Invalid recipient, can't send message". If I go into my gmail account, I can remove the dashes, then re-sync the phone...
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    A few bugs

    This is the best Rom I've ever used, but there are a few bugs that seem to be in every MIUI Rom I've tried. I'm using the TMOUS HD2. 1. The spinner for setting date and time doesn't work with Profile Valet or Profile Manager. Both can be found in Android market. Also, the spinner is not so...