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    [Req/Q] Lightest MIUI ROM by DEVs?

    It 's a humble suggestion and primarily a request to all MIUI developers, to come up with a feather weight MiUi rom. Whenever i see CM7 lightest or AOSP which are all in all 70 MB (pongster, xylograph,etc) so why not for MiUi, though am aware that by default MiUi won't go beyond 90MB, which...
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    [Q] Exporting Blacklisted Contacts and Messages ? [Q] Exporting Blacklisted Contacts and Messages ?

    How to export the blacklististed calls and messages? So that I can import them into my successive ROMs. Am on MIUI rom. Or for that matter any other rom too, e.g. AOSP, Cyanogen, is there a way to export the listings? Am sure there is NO clearly stated post regarding my question, the closest...