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    I don't understand this section

    or why my lockscreen theme is in it. It is not a "mod". It does not "replace system files that could damage your phone" any more than the .zips in the "theme" section do. This section should be for things that go beyond the use of MIUI's built in theming. Am I wrong for thinking this?!
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    Enabling Avatars

    Are avatars disabled on this forum?
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    Is anyone else glad that MIUI is not open source?

    I'm tired of seeing posts (especially on reddit and xda) that are like I hate the way MIUI looks!!! But can anyone port the lockscreen, contacts, sms app, music app, and everything else!!! Cyanogenmod is just better!! Because it is!! If they were open source, MIUI would lose its exclusivity...
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    [lockscreen] Lost Boys

    Place this file on your sd card in /MIUI/theme/ If you want to apply it to another theme, extract the "framework" folder from this and simply put it into your favorite theme of choice. It's as easy as that. If you have any issues, PM me. Download
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    Delivery Reports sounds pt2.

    I see there's a delivery report sound for sms now, not sure if this is because I suggested it (go me) or if it was always there and I missed it. Anyway, my only problem doesn't work. I leaped with joy when I saw it, but any tone I select for it doesn't work. But I know people are...
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    Delivery Reports in the form of a sound?

    One thing I loved about my iPhone was when you sent a text and just threw your phone down, you'd hear a little sound go off to let you know your text sent. I really wish MIUI had this but all the devs are Chinese speakers and it makes it really hard to suggest things like this. How would one...
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    This is why MIUI gets a bad name... Seriously. People try it for 2 seconds, scream APPLE, and then go back to their ugly stock android rom. I was skeptical of MIUI at first but after a full day of use, my mind was full of f**k and I could...
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    Is anyone else going to skip Gingerbread because of how good MIUI looks?

    This is about the UI so I thought I'd post it here. Plus no one goes in general chat. But seriously, look at this The biggest rumor for Gingerbread was a revamped UI. But all I see so far are colored...
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    Question about the task killer

    Why do people just randomly spew on about task killing saying it's bad now because of froyo, and that programs will just start back up at random? (I agree they do this, but they did this before froyo too.) Like...I've noticed after 4-5 hours of use, I will start to feel some lagging going on. I...
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    MIUI Gallery

    Can anyone find a download link for this? bcnice in the evo section wants to translate it. plus the 3D gallery sucks and this is probably blazing fast. anyone?