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    Mi 9T Can't boot to System after flashing

    Hello! I'm trying to flash the most recent beta on a Mi 9T, but for some reason when I flash it, the phone just gets stuck on the boot logo. I tried re-flashing it, but to no avail. This isn't my first time flashing a xiaomi phone with this ROM, but this has never happened before. Always have...
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    New Mi 9 SE randomly switching the display to HDR mode

    I believe I've found a bug, since last week's version I believe in my Mi 9 SE. Sometimes the display switches to HDR even tho I'm just using it without watching any HDR content. I don't know why this happens but it's constantly switching and it's kind of annoying. If I play an HDR video on...
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    Can't access internal storage after full wipe (solved)

    So I've recently started using this TWRP (3.3.1-11) for the decryption of Android 10, and today I attempted to make a full clean installation and when I booted up to the recovery I was asked for the password to decrypt the internal storage, and after decrypting it, I wiped everything in the...
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    New Mi 9 SE 9.10.24 Additional launcher present by default on ROM

    Hey everyone! I just flashed the 9.10.24 ROM on my Mi 9 SE, over version 9.9.26 v2 and I noticed that now I have 2 launchers pre-installed, the default MIUI launcher and another called "QuickStep". Is anyone else experiencing this? As always thank you developers for your hard work.
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    New Redmi Note 3 Pro, Can't Boot Up

    Hi everyone! I don't exactly know where to post about this but, something strange happened. A friend of mine owns a Redmi Note 3 Pro for about a year now, and he asked if i could unlock the bootloader so he could change the ROM, which wasn't original. It was one of those Shop ROMs from GB. So I...
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    Track Data Usage Of Some Apps

    So before I was able to select apps to not track how much mobile data they would consume. But now i can't find that anymore.. Was it changed?
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    Can't Open Apps With Google App Using Voice Commands

    Hello, So I don't know why, but I can't open apps with Google app using voice commands. The assistant always tells me "actually I can't do that while the device is locked". Well it's not locked, but I still get that message everytime. Is that a fix, a workaround, anything at all? Thanks everyone.