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    [REQ] Boombuler's widgetpicker for Miui

    Maybe I am the only one, but I really do not like the sidescolling widgetpicker on Miui. When an app hast a lot of widgets the descriptions are not readable and the sidescrolling is becoming almost endless .. On stock I allways used Boombuler's appwidgetpicker ( here ...
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    Theme manager force closes when connected to PC (1.9.16 nexus s)

    Since the update to 1.9.16 , everytime when I connect my phone to my pc thememanager force closes . More people experience this ? just found another bug on the nexuss , when you add a custom rigntone to Google talk(using music) you can not go into gtalk settings anymore , froce close...
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    Extended power menu

    When i was trying out the rom I noticed that it had extra option when I pressed the power button ( Like going straight to recovery) the rom from here does not have that feature, so I gues it is not standard for Miui .. Is there a way to get that extra options for this rom ?
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    [1.7.29] launcher bug ( icons order)

    It seems to me there is a bug in the launcher .. I will not remember the position of the icons on the laucher .. I allways have phone, Gmail, SMS, Gtalk ..But if I reboot my phone the icons are in a different order ..Starting with GMail instead ettc etc
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    Can the desktop setup be backedup

    I am really new to miui so maybe it's a stupid question .. I noticed that MIUI has its own backup built in .. Can I use this program to backup my current setup of the desktop .. I mean the folders I made including the apps I have put in there ? I really like my desktop to be clean and setting...