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    How to desactivate this notification?

    Hello. After the last update, the notification of privileges uses is almost always there. I have disabled the notification, but the blue icon stills there. How can I turn off both (notification and icon)? I have tried to turn off the icon for the security app in notifications ant it is still...
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    [INFO] Confirmed Issues (Weekly) & FAQ

    "Android TV" APP does not work with Xiaomi Mi Box S in Bluetooth mode (turning WiFi off for example). It does not detect the mi box. With WiFi it works. Device: Mi9 T Pro. MIUI Version: 9.11.4 beta. Tested with another phone too, same APP, only Bluetooth and works.
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    Forced Close to Browser and File Manager

    No, not issue. I have Spanish languaje set. Something to do, or just wait till next update? Thank you. EDIT: When restoring the languaje to Spanish, now it works. It is just for the first launch..
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    Forced Close to Browser and File Manager

    Well, I don't know if that is a bug, or just my issue. After 2 clean installations version 9.11.14 (weekly) on my Mi9T Pro, when I try to open the browser or the file manager, they open but not to the screen. Then, if I go to the recent apps and I click on them, I get an error message: "Security...