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    [BUG][1.7.22] About Phone FC

    The bug is still in 1.7.22
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    [BUG][1.7.22] About Phone FC

    I get a FC whenever I tap on About Phone in Settings. (Samsung Vibrant) Edit: It's still happening in 1.7.22.
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    [BUG] [1.7.1] Phone reboots after unmounting USB

    It happens after I transfer some files and switch off USB mounting. Sent from my T959 using the forum app
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    [BUG] [1.7.1] Browser FC

    The stock browser force closes. I'm not sure if It's due to the language pack. This has been a problem since 1.6.24 Sent from my T959 using the forum app
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    Using i9000 language pack on the T959?

    Is it possible to use the i9000 language pack on the deodexed T959 ROM?
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    [BUG][1.6.17] Time on lockscreen and notification bar

    Time only seems to adjust whenever I touch the notification bar, and on the lockscreen it only adjusts when I unlock the screen and then lock it.
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    Will there be a T959 Language pack for 1.6.17?

    I heard that Vibrant deodexed ROMs will be coming back, but does that also mean that there will be language packs for it as well?
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    [1.6.10] [BUG]System volume sets itself to silent

    The keyboard and screen on/off sound turn silent after making phone calls, and I can't seem to fix it unless I do a factory reset. It appeared with 1.6.3, but it's still here. EDIT: I just installed the Elixir app, and it shows "System volume" as the only volume setting set to 0%. I'm not sure...
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    [Q] Using a language pack with the latest Chinese ROM?

    Is it possible for me to grab a ROM from and then grab a Language pack from here and use it? Or are the ROMs here different than the official website's?
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    [BUG][1.6.3] Improper notification icon showing

    When I'm playing music using the Google Music app, the icon in the notification bar shows the circle with an elipse (which is often shown when there are 3 or more notification icons) rather than the Google Music icon. Note that this happens even when there are no other notifications.
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    [Feature Request]: Visual Voicemail

    This is one of the features I really missed from my iPhone, and I'd like to have it in MIUI. Sent from my SGH-T959 using the forum app
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    [Feature request]: Better music player lockscreen support

    I'd like to be able to see album art and track names when using the Google music player. Sent from my SGH-T959 using the forum app
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    SD card not detected

    I have the same problem. My Vibrant only recognizes the internal SD. Sent from my SGH-T959 using the forum app
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    Invisible text for Browser window titles

    Whenever I press Menu>Windows in the browser, I can't see the titles of the webpages, and I believe it's because the title text is black, which blends in with the background.It's only visible when highlighted. Is there any way to fix this or if it will be fixed in a future release?
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    Sorting music by album artist

    Is there any way for the Music app to sort music by album artist instead of song artist? Sent from my SGH-T959 using the forum app