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    What is Gapps?

    What is the zip Gapps?What include? Inviato dal mio X909 con Tapatalk 2
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    I tried the first release but some apps from the market were not compatible...............why?With stock/beta and firefly there is not this problem.
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    MIUI ROM NEXUS 7 3G ????

    Do you know if there will be the miui for 3G?
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    Is it compatible with nexus 7 3g?

    The miui for the nexus 7 wifi is it compatible with the 3g version?
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    New BIG BUG SGS3 Theme causes Phone Problem!

    From 2.11.19 to 2.11.16 when i apply my theme i have these problems: -When i receive a phone call the screen is all black and i can't answer but the phone ring. -If i try to make a call.........the calling start but i have screen black and the proximity sensor work well but after 5 second the...
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    Is it possible to have on htc one x+
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    when i try to open theme app i get FC! 2.11.9
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    How can i have stock miui camera on maguro?

    Is it possible to have miuicamera on maguro?i don.t like the google cam Thanks
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    Miui camera?

    When i had sgs2 with miui gb i used miui camera! But now i'm using sgs3 and there is the stock samsung camera If i want to have the miui it possible?
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    New Theme Problem M0 2.10.26

    In the 2.10.19 and the last one 2.10.26 builds there is a problem with,some parts of the themes (statusbar,dock and dialerpad) are not themed.