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    MI-One on T-Mobile US

    i got a t-mobile sim. i haven't been trying too hard but it seems it doesn't work. I had a prepaid ATT sim card in there a while ago. that worked alright. i'm 90% of the time at a wifi spot so it wasn't much of a problem. as it turns out ATT stopped providing prepaid sim cards with data plans...
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    Do you buy MI-ONE?

    Sorry for late reply. Build Quality is excellent. I have zero complaints about the phone. I'm very happy with it. I never got around to grabbing a SIM car for it. It hops on Wifi instantly everywhere I'm at, I use google voice plus a free pbx and sip client connecting to that to shove all my...
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    English MUI for Xiaomi MI-ONE

    plus one vote I'm in the same boat. In general, everything works but yeah, There are a lot of non-English apps I would like to use.
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    Do you buy MI-ONE?

    i am very happy with it. it's a great phone. very fast... very very fast. there isn't much to say. it works as android should have worked from day one (damn you, G1). It is worth every penny. Right now, you have paid too much. As soon as you get it in your hands, you will be happy with what you...
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    Mi-ONE for cricket wireless?

    the phone supports CDMA and GSM. It technically can work on either network. The issue is USA CDMA carriers will not activate devices not sold by them. There is no technical reason why the MI-One will not work with Verizon or Sprint. Both corporations refuse to activate devices that you do not...
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    MI-One on T-Mobile US

    it's all about the towers. For T-Mobile USA you need a phone which supports BOTH 1700 & 2100. The MI-One doesn't support both. I'm going to give a t-Mobile prepay card a shot for one month. I'm going to guess that I will get 3G from 1700 towers but not be able to see 2100 towers. My reception...
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    Cyanogenmod and MI-1

    you have to find a ROM compiled for the hardware. I haven't had much luck finding any ROMs for the MI-One Plus yet.
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    Do you buy MI-ONE?

    I got mine through a friend. It's fair value is $320