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  1. cript0n

    LHDC códec cut signal stable 12.5.7

    As soon as i start playing music with LHDC códec on Mi TW 2s signal Is cut for 2seconds and then It plays again with lot of fog noise and low audio quality... If I select AAC codec there isn't problem. With old stable versions i did not have this problem. Any solution?
  2. cript0n

    5G problem with stable

    I can select 5G as preferred Network on SIM settings but speed is very slow. 5G icon is active but speed is very very slow. IS a known problem of 5G on Xiaomi EU Stable?? A problem with Mi10?? Anyone with same problem? Anyway to fix It? Here where I am I test with other phone and 5G Signal is...
  3. cript0n

    long press home button doesn't work 2.2.24

    Long press home button doesn't work on Desire S on miui 2.2.24....