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  1. peejung

    Redmi Note WCDMA (ram 2 cpu octa 1.7) - facebook alway close problem

    I just bought my Redmi Note WCDMA (Enhanced Version) from my re-seller (come from China) It work well but when I use google installer and install everything about google app to my phone. I've big problem with facebook latest version app (9.0.xx.xx) always close. I can't find topic about this...
  2. peejung

    New thai keyboard character disappear !!

    I use MIUI 2.7.13 and found this bug for thai keyboard This bug i found in MIUI 2.7.6 too I must switch to another keyboard and then switch back to my current keyboard sometime my thai character will back -*- but it will happen again can u help me? it happen in every keyboard only thai...