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    New TWRP is out Here you go.
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    Ant+ support

    Does mi mix2 have ant+ support?
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    New Mi mix2 MIUI 10 8.10.11 mobile network not found after second boot

    When I installed this weekly 8.10.11 in first boot it find mobile network, when I booted phone again it doesn´t found mobile network. If you enable developer option "Skip screen lock" phone does not find mobile network in second boot. Problem is related that option. Dirty flash, cleared dalvik...
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    Quick Charge 3.0 Problem

    Mi mix 2 quick charge problem on usb3 wire (charging only 300Ma on ampere) , was working before. When I connect cable that come with phone (usb 2.0 I assume) ampere gives +3000Ma. Tested with Nillkin elite cables (usb 3.0 blue connector) , I have two of them and they worked before. Tested 3...