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  1. moonbugz

    format for Call Recording and issue with Recorder

    Is Call Recording still in .amr? Suggestion: the Recorder could be much better with a widget or redesigned to not be an obvious tape
  2. moonbugz

    Widget - any app suggestion?

    Widgets are very few in MIUI. I was a HTC user. Tried Launcher-X and HD Widgets. Any suggestions on what I can try other than these 2? Nevertheless, MIUI is by far the most amazing! I'm truly proud to be an MIUI user! :D
  3. moonbugz

    New MI-2 ..dated Jan 14th

    I just bought a Xiaomi MI-2, did a few days of reading, and got this; Android Version: 4.1.1 MIUI Version: JLB10.0 Build number: MIUI-JLB10.0 JRO03L Any way to backup EVERYTHING including stock ROM? (will this contribute to this community?) Is this MIUI based on JB 4.1.1? If yes...