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  1. dp4u4umi6ev

    New Some system sound missing..

    I'm on latest 3.7.12 S2 ,but this exsist from 2 or 3 previous version maybe more. Dont have sound when: 1.Focus in camera 2.Taking picture with camera 3.Taking screenshot PS:When open system/media/audio/ui i have needed sounds but....
  2. dp4u4umi6ev

    New Bugs on 3.4.28 Galaxy S II

    I have two bugs(for now): 1.Maps FC when i choose Lattitude/Friends list 2.Viber seems to go on deep sleep sometimes.When i open i recieve a few messege. PS:This bugs i have on official and unnoficial version.After clean install.
  3. dp4u4umi6ev

    Problem with clock widet 2x2 and 2x4

    I have problem with those 2 widgets when i place widgets on screen i can't edit skin look video:
  4. dp4u4umi6ev

    Bugs on 1.12.2 :(

    I have some issues with latest rom.When listening music on headset and have incoming call ,after call music stops and screen stayng unlocked.When open Music player i have to refresh any time because player don't remember songs.And one old problem when listening music on headset i can't hear...
  5. dp4u4umi6ev

    Problem with ringtone when using headset

    Hello guys i have a problem when i use headset to listening music i can't hear when my phone is ringing.Even i don't play music just plugged in headset again can't hear ringing.I'm on 1.11.4 but on 1.10.28 is the same ,my phone is Galaxy S.
  6. dp4u4umi6ev

    Voce Search

    Why Voice Search don't work with MIUI?I try many app with voice engine but no luck.
  7. dp4u4umi6ev

    (Q)MIUI Music

    How to sort my songs with MIUIMusic.Player plays song in some other order not that should be like in file manager from #1 to #10.:-(