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    Suspersu Not Giving Me Root Access.

    I have installed Supersu 2.78 without problems through twrp, but when i check for root with a root check app its saying the device is not rooted. I have tried reflashing it and removing it from the app to renstall from playstore, but still nothing. Im using 6.10.13 rom, and i just...
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    Is It Worth Swapping To 6.10.13 Eu Rom From An Ota Upgraded One?

    I just recieved my phone yesterday and it came with a global dev rom which upgraded through ota to global dev 6.10.13. its working fine, with no aparent bugs atm, cant compare battery life coz its brand new but i have ike 6h of soreen time with around 50% charge atm. is it worth to do flash...
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    Recomend The Best Rom Version For 3s Prime.

    Which do you think is the best rom version available for download at the moment? It should have the following: least ammont of important bugs, specially connection and stability wise be snappy and lag free very good/best battery management I rather have a good stable and fast system than...