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    Invalid [MI 9 21.3.24] Missing certificate Widewine L1

    After flashing Xiaomi EU 21.3.24 my phone has lost its certificate Widewine L1. Now he's level L3
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    New [MI 9 20.3.10] GPS Continuous request and automatic activation GPS and WiFI

    recently there is a constant request for location, and also turns on for no reason Gps and WIFI even after I turn them off
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    New [Mi 9 21.1.6] Bug with a strip at the bottom of the screen

    This problem has been observed for a long time, and it was recently fixed on the China ROM. example: snapchat and telegram app.
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    SIM card vertical icon

    Hello, planning to add to Xiaomi EU vertical icon of two SIM cards?
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    New [Mi 9 20.12.28] Proximity sensor malfunctions when called

    The proximity sensor begins to behave very strangely when called. The screen does not turn off, and when the screen is forcibly locked, the screen lights up after one or two seconds. The problem started with an update to 20.12.28
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    New [20.7.16] [Mi 9] - Ok Google doesn't work

    The option itself is available, it records voice samples, but when pronouncing a phrase, Google does not react to it in any way. The following actions were reproduced: - reboot device - reset google app data - installation of full firmware archive
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    New [20.7.16] Mi 9 - incorrect display of the camera on Instagram

    The black bar at the bottom of the camera has increased after upgrading to your firmware. This problem was observed in the previous version.