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    [APP] Toggle 2G/3G (Tasker/Locale plugin) [v0.0.16] Supports MIUI

    Hello to all, I don't know if you know this brilliant application but base to the author there is possible to have it in the MIUI ROM. I have tried to import in our HD2 ROM but without any success. So, please could you help in order to include this valuable apk in our MIUI ROM? Thanks
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    Default Ring Tones of 1.8.26

    Hello to all, I have upgrade to 1.8.26 and there aren't avaialble the default ring tones for Ringtone, Notification, Alarm. In the properties of the builg.prop there are the follwoing: ro.config.ringtone=Pegasus.ogg ro.config.notification_sound=Polaris.ogg...
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    Mobile Data Always On

    Hello to all, I would like to have the mobile data always on but i need to check and block which programs running and request mobile data in the background? I want to have only the basic application like Gmail,etc....
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    [REQ/MOD] Smoother Scrolling

    Hello to all, It would be good idea to start searching to find to improve the scrolling feeling in the MIUI ROM. I mean to have more responsive feeling in the scrolling/touching the topbar e.g. If I remember correct in one update this was improve from MIUI developer but it would be good...
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    Incoming Call (1.7.8) - Delay in display of number

    Hi to all, With the 1.7.8 i have the following issue with the HTC HD2. When i have it in the pouch and i have an incoming call, when i pull of the phone from the pouch the display remain total black and after some sec it is display the name and number of calling. I didin't have this...
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    Miui-dev.apk for direct connect to forum

    Hello to all, Please could you someone upload the apk for direct connection to the forum. It was very useful and not includete in the ne versions
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    FM Radio in all devices

    Hello to all, In the AOSP Gingerbread for Nexus One (GRJ22 / Android 2.3.4) rom is available the FM Radio for HD2 device. So, i suppose that now, it is possible to see FM Radio apk for all MIUI devices.
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    Wifi issues with 1.5.6

    Hi to all, With 1.5.6 and HD2 it isn't possible to connect to wifi nwetwork. Always try to connect without connecting. I didn't have this issue with all version from 1.4.xx
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    Apk's Icons in the Folder

    Hi to all, Is it possible to change the order of the four icons of apk's that displayed in the folders when you group the applications? always display the first 4 apk's and never changed when you change the inside folder order? Thanks
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    Hide/Move existing SMS

    How could hide/move existing SMS from specific sender from SMS Apps? I have enable the DND and put the sender contact as blacklist without any success Sent from my HTC HD2 using the Forums App