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    [FC] Custom toggles

    I had a FC when switching off custom toggles. No issue when I enabled it the first time. It seems a little random since FC occurred when re activating....
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    Music control on phone for Car radio

    Hello, I have really no idea if this is possible, how hard this could be to do and what it can require but : 1 - Would it be possible when I plug my phone on my car radio with USB to control the music with my phone instead of the radio itself ? 2 - Would it be possible to deport the sounds...
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    Email - Black text on black background

    Hello, I have an email display issue. When I enter the default email client, I choose one of my accounts to check my mails, and there, my email are on a black background, and read email in black text... Impossible to read so. New emails are displayed with grey text, a little more readable...