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  1. Michel M

    Terp encryption

    Hi, After a lot of issues with my phone I decided to format Al data, cleared the cache and dalvik and via my laptop I have put the latest rom 21.3.18 in my root map, installed it,wiped cache and dalvik. It all works fine but now my decrypt password in TWRP is not working anymore. I have a 4...
  2. Michel M

    Dual 4g

    Is there An option to adjust dual 4g setting on latest miui version on mi9?
  3. Michel M

    Help please on xiaomi mi9

    Hi, After a long,long struggle i finnaly got the latest twrp version on my mi9( I have flashed the latest 9.11.7 rom. After reboot it looked ok. But i cannot recover data from xiaomi cloud or google. I do have a working internet connection. I cannot download a lot apps from app...
  4. Michel M

    Which twrp version

    I need to install twrp on my brand new,out of the box,stock mi9. I noticed 2 versions: And: TWRP_cepheus_10.img I know the device is called cepheus,but which of these 2 twrp do i need to install with latest miui? Tx!
  5. Michel M

    Mi4w Stock 2 Custom

    Hi, Friend of me has got a mi4W completley Stock. He want's to upgrade to The latest beta rom. Wat is The Right procedure in getting This done? And what rom can be used for this device? Any advice is much appreciated.
  6. Michel M

    upgrade from 2.4.20 --->3.2.1

    Hi there, I have got my phone (htc desire s) rooted and s-off. It has run quit nice on the miui 2.4.20 rom(GB) for some time but I realley want to upgrade to the 3.2.1 (ICS)version so I can add the multi lang.pack on top of it. I have got multiple rom's flashed without any problems but for...