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  1. GU5TAF

    Preview MIUI ROM 2.7.6 Changelog preview

    Okay, JB was released a couple of days ago and pretty much none of the existing ports work properly... do you really think it'll be out this week? or do you think that they'll wait for a stable version for the device in question and then start porting MIUI to it?
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    Spam again and I'll ban you.

    Spam again and I'll ban you.
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    Xiaomi Miliao (mChat) discussion and support

    It's a lot like whatsapp but much cleaner and nicer... it's for anyone using android, all they have to do is install the app :) It's also available for the iphone but only in chinese as we haven't translated it and don't plan to ;)
  4. GU5TAF

    Can't use some widgets in other launchers/apps?

    No, just as ZeroBarrier said... the widgets are built into the launcher so if you change launcher you can't use them.
  5. GU5TAF

    When will MIUI update to new Desire Z kernel?

    You can flash kernels yourself ya know ;) If you want MIUI to incorporate it though, write on their english guestbook page.
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    cant use data on virtual network operator (MVNO) [unsolved]

    I changed the thread title, however you can do it yourself next time. Just hit edit post then click on the advanced button. Hope you find a solution to your problem, good luck :) Sent from my HTC Desire HD using Tapatalk
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    Sony Ericsson Xperia ARC

    When someone decides to port it...
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    Newbie Question

    If you're already on MIUI you don't need to do a clean install to update, just wipe cache partition and dalvik cache then flash the deodex followed by the language pack :) However just as The Batman said a clean install is sometimes better although it is a hassle so I'd recomend just making a...
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    [Q]Miui for Huawei Ideos U8150?

    It almost definitely isn't gonna happen, the phone doesn't have a functioning cm port to begin with so that would be hell and it's screen resolution isn't 480x800 it's 240x320 so you'd have to redo all the images to support the QVGA resolution and I severely doubt anyone can be bothered with...
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    SMS Permissions (MIUI 1.6.3)

    If I understood you correctly you want to use GoSMS and the permissions seem messed up, have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app from the market?
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    Galaxy s video problems

    Have you tried using another video player, VPlayer for instance? :)
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    ADW Launcher loses MIUI icons

    What icons are you getting? the stock GB ones?
  13. GU5TAF

    Translating for multiple devices

    It is only the framework that differs, however you should compile each individual apk with the respective device framework to ensure the least amount of errors. Hope that helps a little :)
  14. GU5TAF

    [Mockup] MIUI Calendar (Help for scrolling needed)

    Looks pretty damn great, I'd prefer a dark version though... If you know how to do all the app stuff I'd be happy to do some design stuff and perhaps make a dark version, that way we could incorporate both light and dark widgets :D
  15. GU5TAF

    Gonna miss MIUI (just for now I hope)

    Well yes ekkelett, but if we have to take a guess... MIUI's plans for the future would indicate that they probably don't need to maintain any new devices. What with the rumours flying around and a lot of details that point towards the same conclusion, they're making their own phone. However...
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    MIUI Community - What device do you want to see running MIUI?

    You might wanna have a look here then, lol
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    Market app not registered?

    Nice one dude, however certain apps won't show up with test keys (paypal for instance) so you might still wanna edit that build.prop as I'm using the latest market and it works for me OTA ;)
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    Acer Liquid

    You'd have to make a port of the newest release ;)
  19. GU5TAF

    Market app not registered?

    It does, this might be due to release keys being test keys in the build.prop... if we can get them all together we'll add them to the build.prop's on fridays language pack :) If ya wanna try yourself, grab the cm7 version for your phone and find the appropriate lines then replace them in the...
  20. GU5TAF

    Gonna miss MIUI (just for now I hope)

    We don't know but if me and mark had to guess we'd say no to official support, of course if cyanogen make a nice ROM for it then an unnoficial port can be made just like with the EVO 4G, Droid Inc etc. Until then however, you'll just have to hold out and hope for the best. ;)