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  1. adario73

    [Workaround found !] Skype contacts non syncing at all !

    I've had this problem from a while, but till today i was looking otherwhere to solve it. Skype account appears among the available ones to sync contacts with, but when you choose it, nothing will happen ( miui 2.1.13 and previous ... ), with last n versions of skype. well, this morning i tried...
  2. adario73

    Contacts does not take fields names from gmail ?

    i try to explain : in gmail contacts, i have this contact: Pizzeria, with three numbers : pizzeria1 +39 xxxxxxx pizzeria2 +39 yyyyyy pizzeria3 +39 zzzzzzz in miui contacts, i have just: pizzeria +39 xxxxxxx +39 yyyyyy +39 zzzzzzz WITHOUT detail names, so i don't know what...
  3. adario73

    Camera app on the dock ? DISAPPEARED !

    Hi all, i tried to put the camera app on the dock, so i can have it always available ... what happened ? camera icon disappeared ! no way to have it again, i had to recover a backup ... if somebody would try ...
  4. adario73

    usb tethering very unstable on Desire

    Hi, during last period i'm using usb tethering in office, due to proxy limitations :) the connection is very unstable, and after 2 or 3 minutes i get disconnected ...
  5. adario73

    whishlist : DLNA support for desire please !

    Hi all, today i flashed miui for the firs time on my desire, and i am VERY impressed. one feature i am missing ( i come from a sense rom ) is the DLNA support, because i would like to see my pictures on my 55 inches samsung tv :) :) please make me happy !